Emotional Eating

A free video training to why you're emotionally eating and how to stop


What Our Clients Say

Thousands of clients are finally taking charge of their emotional eating. You can too.

"This is the most at ease and happy I have ever been when thinking about food and exercise. I don't have a notebook out calculating my next 30 days of workouts, and I don't have a macro calculator out. I feel incredibly positive and healthy and there isn't any stress or new plan to tie myself to. It's really really nice and I know I have you to thank! "

-Jennifer Gamble

"I have had a problem with emotional eating for a long time. I had been gaining and losing the same weight for years, regardless of my nutrition certification. Today I feel free, I no longer need a diet. I am good just the way I am. My body knows when it is hungry and when it has had enough. I also learned to eat what my body needs. If I give my body what it needs, I won’t over eat. I also learned that it is OKAY to eat for pleasure."

-Audrey Witherspoon

"I learned I didn’t have to eat on a prescribed schedule – or eat prescribed foods – when i wasn’t hungry. It was okay to wait until I was hungry to eat, and the feedback I needed came from my own body’s hunger cues versus data I got from a device. Eating now is more natural and more enjoyable. And the pounds are slowly coming off, and I’m definitely happier.."

-Laurie M.